Ivar Clemens' Demos

Over the past years I have worked on many software development and research projects. On this page you will find some examples of those projects.

Resume (EN) / Lebenslauf (DE) / Doctoral thesis

WebGL Shaders

At Champalimaud I began investigating the possibility of using computer vision algorithms within the web browser. The long term goal is to do (medical) image analysis (e.g. for tumor classification) client-side.

We also investigated the possibility of tracking eye movements within the browser. Later, at MindTrace, I built a complete eye tracker using different (better) algorithms.


At Champalimaud I created some games to test cooperation between players. Note that there are strange rules to the game (as it was created for a research project), for example you can (sometimes) walk over water and you use the down arrow to avoid slipping on ice.